Six On Saturday 21-12-19 ‘The shortest day’

Well we finally made it. The winter solstice. The shortest day. There will be six hours and fifty two minutes of daylight in Fife today. By next weekend that will have stretched out to a massive six hours and fifty five minutes. It is not much, but it is a start and for me it is symbolic. From now on the glass is half full rather than half empty. At times it has felt like the sun wasn’t going to come up at all this week. Due to my work pattern I don’t think I have actually been outside during daylight until this morning which is not a healthy way to live. This is in counterpoint to the  the longest day when I spent almost the entire seventeen hours and forty one minutes of daylight outside. But I have made it to midwinter once more, thanks in no small part to the inspiration and encouragement from the brilliant Six on Saturday meme hosted over at the propagator blog.

1) Twigs

Much of the garden is looking a little skeletal just now. Yet when the sun is shining it can be as enchanting as any other time in the garden. Even twigs have their interest if you look hard enough. One of the most striking is this deciduous rhododendron. I am not sure how you would describe its growth habit, semi-umbeliferous?


2) Bringing sticks back to life

Last Christmas I made a miniature Christmas tree table decoration out of bits and pieces from the garden. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out so it has spent the year on a shelf in the summerhouse. The ‘baubles’ were made out of berries which have now dried up but I might re-decorate it with some fresh berries this year.


3) Indoor trees

And just next to it is a much larger twig. A dried branch really, that I have made into a miniature wildlife tree which always cheers me up. I don’t see why indoor trees just have to be for Christmas!


4) Hydrangea macrophyla

Hydrangeas are one of those plants that look almost as good dried as they do in flower. So good that I will leave the seed-heads in place rather than pruning them back just now.


5) Evergreens

It is not all twigs and seedheads though. There is still plenty of greenery in the garden including this vibrant variegated Daphne which is quite stunning just now and looks like it is forming some flower buds already.


6) Treasure form the garden

In the course of taking pictures today I also gathered up some material for making wreaths using the willow stems that I soaked and bent a couple of weeks ago. A mixture of ivy, teasel, honesty, conifer, pine cones and other bits and pieces. Even in the bleak midwinter there are always little fragments of treasure out there for you…


Merry Christmas to you all and thanks to everyone that has joined in with the blog this year, it has been a lot of fun and I have really enjoyed having a little peek into some beautiful gardens from all around the world.

If you would like to follow the schoolhouse garden please click on the button at the bottom of this page. Worpdress promises to store your email address securely and I will only send you bunches of flowers and not any nasty weeds.


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  1. Heyjude says:

    A lovely wreath and I also like indoor trees though I don’t have any. I keep thinking I might make a driftwood tree but I never find any driftwood on the beaches I visit. Maybe I shall resort to buying one. Not wanting to wish my life away I am very glad we’ve reached the low point of the year and can look forward to spring. I’m just fed up of the rain and wind! I never used to mind winter so much as I do now. Anyway, as you mentioned, it has been a fun year visiting lots of wonderful gardens and imaginative gardeners thanks to our lovely host, the Prop. Enjoy your Christmas Keith and I shall look forward to visiting your garden again next year
    Jude xx

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